BRC Clinics

Upcoming Bull Riding Clinics

Fall 2024 Dates:

9/21/24, 10/19/24, 11/16/24

Clinics are held near Idaho Falls, ID.

Tuition for Ages 7-13 is $250, ages 14+ is $400.

Includes Free Basic Membership to How to Bull Ride Online Course.

$50 discount for returning students.

Only 12 riders per clinic for the most one-on-one time.

Bulls to match your skill level. Beginner to advanced.



When you attend one of my clinics, you will receive professional instruction on every aspect of bull riding and have the opportunity to get on the right type of practice bulls for your skill level to help you learn.

Topics Covered:

  • Equipment

  • Technique on a Buckrite powered drop barrel and a stationary barrel

  • Proper warm-up exercises

  • Reviewing film and analyzing your rides

  • Mental toughness and confidence

  • The right amount of practice on the right type of bulls

My clinics are typically one day long with a limited number of spots to ensure that each rider gets plenty of attention. We start at 9 am and end at 5 pm. I start by discussing a champion's mindset, and then I go over the essential bull riding equipment. After that, I teach bull riding techniques that you will need to know. We then have lunch, which is provided.

After lunch, we start bucking bulls. We do our best to get each rider on the right bull for their experience level. Each student gets on at least 2-3 bulls (more if wanted) and is filmed while riding. There is no limit to the number of bulls you can get on, so if you want to get on more, you can. We end the day with a review of the bull riding videos.

I do my best to make it a fun and uplifting experience for every student. I want you to learn the right way to ride bulls and know how to continue improving long after the clinic is over. I make myself available to my students for any help they may need in the future. Students get a discount on my online resources for ongoing learning.

Tuition for my clinics is $400 for ages 14+ and $250 for ages 7-13. Limit of 12 riders for each clinic to allow for the most one-on-one coaching.


My clinics are held in Idaho. Check my site regularly or sign up for my emails to hear news about my next one and stay informed.

Also, check out my list of other bull riding coaches on my site's "Articles" page.

If you ever have any questions about bull riding, my history, or my available courses, you can feel free to get in touch with me.


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